About AM Consulting:

AM Consulting is an overseas education consultancy started by Mr. Arjun Modi. Our sole objective is to ensure that our students secure an admit into the most reputed and well-known universities world over. We offer sincere, unbiased and genuine career guidance to our students. Unlike all the consultants out there, we do not work with commission paying universities. We work extremely hard on the application of each and every student and make sure that he or she is able to get admission into one of the top universities abroad. We maintain extremely strict work ethics and never compromise on the quality of the universities. Our motto is to help our students make a wonderful career for themselves and this begins by studying at a world-renowned university.

Our Founder:

Mr. Arjun Modi is an MBA in finance from Baruch College in New York. After completing his MBA, Mr. Modi came back to India in 2017 and set up AM Consulting in order to guide students on their study abroad journey. Unlike other consultants out there, Mr. Modi has first-hand experience of studying as well as working abroad and hence he understands the complete study abroad process. Mr. Modi has worked in Finance in India as well as in the US and he will be personally working on each and every student’s application. His hands-on approach and personalized attention has helped our students secure admits into some of the top universities abroad.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the most trusted and respected education consultancy in India by offering honest and unbiased career guidance to our students. We want to make overseas education affordable and within reach of deserving candidates. Our ultimate vision is to be a one-stop solution for all your overseas education needs. We wish to help our students make the right career choice through the employment of artificial intelligence. We want to be a pioneer in bringing technology and career counseling together by working on various data parameters of the student and enabling them to choose the career befitting their strengths.

Our Mission:

We work endlessly with our students to ensure that they secure admission to the university of their choice. We do so by understanding a student’s short as well as long term goals and career aspirations. This helps us chart out a customized career road map for our students to follow. We are truly concerned about a student’s career and work hard on each and every student application with the utmost sincerity. Our mission is to make the student’s study abroad journey smooth and seamless right from the time of enrollment up until the student flies out of the country.

Our Mentorship Program:

Our founder Mr. Arjun Modi will be a career mentor to each and every student. The mentorship program entails providing personal attention to the students at every step in their study abroad journey. Mr. Modi will be working on each and every aspect of the student’s application personally and ensure that the student is comfortably settled abroad.

Mr. Modi will help by:

• Providing his expertise in building the profile of the student.

• Designing a customized career road map for the student after taking the student’s long term career goals and aspirations into consideration.

• Personal attention in shortlisting and selection of the universities.

• Drafting the all-important Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of recommendation (LOR’s), the resume as well as essays.

• Scouting for applicable scholarship opportunities based on the student’s profile.

• Preparing the student personally for a visa interview by holding multiple mock visa interview sessions.

• Help in securing an on-campus job as well as a summer internship.

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