• Career Counselling
  • Shortlisting of Universities
  • Drafting of Documents
  • Scholarship Search

Career Counselling:

AM Consulting will provide personalized career counseling to each and every student after assessing the students individually. Taking a highly methodical and holistic approach to career guidance, we study the profile of each and every student based on a number of parameters. After studying your profile and taking into consideration your career goals and aspirations, we come up with a solid selection of universities to apply to and chart out a course of action to be followed which will help you secure an admit into one of the top institutions in your field of choice.

We provide extensive and highly exhaustive counseling packages for the following:

  1. Bachelors in USA, Undergrad in US
  2. Bachelors abroad (all other countries)
  3. Masters in USA, MS in US
  4. Masters abroad (all other countries)
  5. MBA in USA
  6. MBA abroad (all other countries)
  7. MBBS abroad

To know more about our counseling packages kindly contact us by filling the form given here.

Shortlisting of Universities

  • At AM Consulting, after studying your profile in depth and understanding your career goals, we will provide you with a list of potential universities to apply to. We suggest that our students apply to a minimum of 8-10 universities abroad.The universities are classified into the following three sections:
    • AMBITIOUS – These are the dream universities of the candidate. These are the top 10 to top 15 universities in the chosen field.
    • MODERATE – These universities fall in the mid category and these are the ones wherein the student has a 70% chance of securing admission.
    • SAFE – These universities are known as the fallback universities. They are termed SAFE because there is a 99% chance of the student getting admission to these universities.

Drafting of Documents

Statement of Purpose (SOP): Our forte lies in preparing a brilliant Statement of Purpose (SOP) for our students. We believe that the SOP is the most important part of your application and we follow a highly methodical approach towards the drafting of the Statement of Purpose. Our founder and Career Mentor at AM Consulting, Mr. Arjun Modi personally prepares the SOP of each and every student. It includes multiple iterations until we arrive at a crisp Statement of Purpose.

In order to learn more about our SOP packages, kindly contact us today.

Letter of Recommendation (LOR): We also personally help our students in preparing the letter of recommendation required in the study abroad applications. The LOR is a very important part of your application and hence require expert attention. Mr. Arjun Modi will personally work with each and every student to draft the Letter of Recommendation.

Other Documents: We also help our students in preparing the following documents:

  • Resume Writing: We help you draft a professional looking resume
  • Essay Writing: Our essay services include MBA essays, MS essays which are based on specific questions.

Contact us today to know more about our different document preparation packages for overseas applications.

Scholarship Search

At AM Consulting, we work extremely hard to make sure that our students get a scholarship or any form of financial aid. We know of a number of ways in which a student can lower his cost of education. There are a number of scholarships as well as financial aid available to students. It is offered and classified into being need-based, merit-based, based on the student’s ethnicity, government funded and many others.

In order to bring down your cost of overseas education, get in touch with us today and embark on your study abroad journey.

  • Profile Building
  • Mock Visa Interviews
  • Part Time Work & Accommodation
  • Other Services

Profile Building

How to Get Admission into the Ivy League universities:

At AM Consulting, we strongly believe that in order to gain admission into a top-rated university, the student needs to start work on building his or her profile at least a couple of years in advance. Admission committees of top universities admit a student after taking into account the value addition offered by the student. A top-notch profile is the one which scores well on a number of aspects such as; academics, SOP, LOR’s, work experience, research done, social work, leadership skills and a number of factors.

In order to secure admission into an Ivy League university, we start working on a student’s application well in advance. Our founder and career mentor, Mr. Arjun Modi personally grooms the students through every step of the way and makes sure that the student gets admitted into their dream university.

Mock Visa Interviews

Now that you have secured your dream admit, it is time to apply for the visa. Visa interview questions need to be answered with a lot of tact and patience. One mistake can deny you a visa. We hold multiple mock visa interviews with our students and make sure they are confident and well prepared to ace the all-important visa interview.

Part Time Work & Accommodation

Mr. Arjun Modi, the founder and career mentor of AM Consulting will personally help each and every student to find on-campus jobs, assist in securing a summer internship as well as assist in helping students find accommodation abroad.

Other Services:

Networking: We will help the students going to the same university or city to get acquainted with each other. This way a student can make friends and also find potential roommates.

Loan Processing: AM Consulting has tie-ups with a number of financial institutions that offer education loans. We help our students in getting unsecured loans as well.

Forex: We also have tie-ups with foreign exchange agents who will provide the students with dollars as well as forex cards.

Ticketing: We can help you book your airline tickets at a good rate through our tie-ups with various booking agents.


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